An imposing round tower, adjoining a two-room house, resting on barrel-vaulted cellars. The whole ensemble has a wildly romantic feel, the instant beauty of ruins doomed to disappear..."

Françoise AURICOSTE en 1990

This was the starting point of our great adventure!

Photo in 1999



The Tour de Ginaillac is an ancient hideout, probably used as a watchtower by soldiers during the Hundred Years' War. A sad period of pillage, death and atrocity, the region was impoverished and depopulated. The clergy living in Les Arques decided to bring in peasants from the Auvergne to farm the surrounding land. Two of them, the Ginalhac brothers, settled and prospered, becoming part of the bourgeoisie and then, through multiple alliances, part of the region's nobility. From the 19th century onwards, a succession of growers let the buildings fall into disrepair.

In 1995, it was love at first sight for us to acquire these ruins. After many years of hard work and patience, we are happy to welcome you to this ancient residence, whose beauty and harmony engender peace of body and mind.

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